What’s New at the CW Pool:

Summer 2018 -
Summertime fun at the Conrad Weiser Community Pool
- Tony Wirebach, Co-Manager / Board Member / Web Guy

This year has seen a number of positive changes at the CW Pool (formerly "the Robesonia Pool") on Freeman Street.

Memberships are up. Guest visits have been higher than expected. We hired a lot of great young lifeguards, and Heidelberg Township has made significant investment in the property, along with other, much appreciated contributions and support from municipalities, private donors, and the surrounding business community. Everything looks great and the weather has been fairly cooperative. In short: the CW Pool is having a fantastic year and it's been a great, big, positive team effort from the CW Pool Community. We look forward to making even more improvements for next year.

Something to keep a look out for: early-registration promotions and special offers for next year should be coming soon. It's been hectic, but we are trying to come up with new ideas for getting folks to join us sooner — the more the merrier ... ! And don't forget: the CW Pool is a VOLUNTEER-run, non-profit organization, and we can always use more help! If you are thinking about stepping onto the game field, just come by and ask one of the staff about how you can contribute to this wonderful recreation resource. You can also email us at poolboard@cwpool.org. You'll be glad you did.

Playground at the CW Pool was also a pretty big hit with kids and parents alike. The new venue offered a cool, safe space for kids' activities, giving parents a bit of time off and peace of mind during the early weeks of Summer. We are hoping for even more participation and new ideas for next year, so stay tuned.

News and updates on the Conrad Weiser Community Pool can be found on our web site at www.CWpool.org and on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ConradWeiserPool

CWCP is a member of the Conrad Weiser Community Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Visit www.CWCAsports.org to find out more.


Winter 2018 -

In 2018, the CW Pool joined the Conrad Weiser Community Association, or CWCA. The CWCA is comprised of various local youth sports clubs: Baseball/Softball, Cheerleading, Basketball, Football, and Soccer. With the addition of the CW Pool, these teams will continue to enjoy the support, community, and non-profit status of the CWCA parent organization while still maintaining operational autonomy. CWCA offers a number of data management tools for the members to run their clubs, such as email marketing, financial reporting, registration and secure online payments through PayPal. Membership to the CWCA is open to any organization in the Conrad Weiser School District or beyond who is interested in becoming an official non-profit while connecting with a larger network of experienced community service organizations.

To find out more, visit the CWCA at www.cwcasports.org.


Fall 2017 -

This Fall, the Robesonia Swimming Pool Association (RSPA) transferred ownership of the property located on Freeman Street to Heidelberg Township. The Township then entered into a management agreement with the non-profit Association as they continue to operate the pool. In the course of the transfer of ownership, RSPA will be re-branded as the Conrad Weiser Community Pool, hoping to expand its market presence to the entire Conrad Weiser School District and beyond, versus the traditional perception of only catering to Robesonia and nearby local residents. This change in ownership is projected to save the organization thousands of dollars and to streamline operations. They hope to increase membership by focusing on both local members and new members across a slightly larger service area.

The board of directors of the pool is retaining some of it's experienced members, as well as gaining new experience outside the current pool membership. Representatives from Heidelberg and South Heidelberg Townships as well as the Boroughs of Robesonia and Wernersville will all be taking an active role in supporting and advising the pool. The pool association will continue to seek out support and resources from local municipalities and business entities, in order to ensure it's continued success in Western Berks.

Changes for the 2018 Season coming soon! Information about the CW Community Pool will be available starting in 2018 (or sooner) at www.cwpool.org


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